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We head out from the heads of Sydney harbour and take you to the best locations on the 12 mile reef to give you the best chances of catching the many species which inhabit the reefs.  Our crew are extremely experienced and knowledgeable of the perfect fishing locations based on a lifetime of experience fishing the waters of Sydney.


The reefs are teeming with fish of a great and colourful variety, including kingfish, snapper, flathead, perch, mackerel, Maori Wrasse, grey and jackass morwong, pigfish and many more.

We have recently upgraded all of our on-board fishing equipment to ensure that you are fishing with new equipment from the best and leading brands including Deiwa. 

The technique we use is rod fishing with dead baits (pilchards, squid and/or prawns), which is the most effective method of fishing the reefs.  For extra variety and spice, if any individual wants to experiment and have fun with soft plastics, we’re happy to teach you the technique for a learning experience and extra fun, and you’ll walk away with extra skills!  

We supply all bait to ensure that all you need to bring with you is a bucket or esky! We also help with cleaning, gutting and bagging any fish that you catch during your trip.

Whether you are an experienced recreational fisherman who has fished all your life, or have never once fished in your life, you are welcome aboard. We will help put you on the fish, as well as explain all you need to know about the proper technique to use.

Pickup/Dropoff Location

Our standard pickup location is Mosman Bay Wharf.   You are welcome to choose another wharf that is convenient to you, although we would recommend one of the public wharfs east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, for example Kirribilli wharf or Rose Bay Wharf. The advantage of a wharf east of the Harbour Bridge is that it will maximise your fishing time at sea, by reducing the journey time to reach the fishing grounds.  At the end of the trip, we drop you off to the same wharf.


How many persons can attend on a fishing charter?

We are licenced to carry 17 persons for the purpose of offshore fishing charters, although a smaller group of between 8 to 12 persons is a more common number of charter guests. Please refer to our Prices page (insert hyperlink) to see our packages.

If you are an individual or a smaller group, see our FAQ page for more information on how we can assist you.