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I am an individual/small group of less than 5 persons?  Can we still come?

Our charters are primarily designed with 8 or more customers in mind, so that you benefit from a competitively priced charter within your budget.   However, if you are an individual or smaller group which makes our packages not affordable to you, we can accommodate you in either of two ways:


  1. We are happy to save your details and assist you join a shared charter with another small group in a similar situation to you. We will contact you as soon as we find anther suitable group to join you with, and a mutually convenient date can be explored.


  1. We have an alternative vessel which is dedicated solely to groups of 5 or less. You can find more information for that vessel at

What is included in the charter?

  1. Skipper and crew.
  2. Guidance on reef fishing techniques and assistance.
  3. Top quality fishing gear: Daiwa rod & reel combos (brand new after a recent upgrade).
  4. Premium quality bait.
  5. Up to 6 hours of fishing time (see our packages on the Price page).
  6. Fishing licence, meaning that you do not need to have a recreational fishing licence.
  7. Catch what you keep, provided it is a legal catch.
  8. Overhead canopy for protection against the elements.
  9. Spacious deck with ample space to move around whole boat.
  10. Toilet facilities.

What are the start and finish times?

The standard start and finish times are 6:30am – 12:30pm for a morning charter, and 12:30pm to 6:30pm for an afternoon charter.


Please contact us if you would like to request an adjustment to these standard times and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Where is the pickup/dropoff location?

Our standard pickup location is Balmoral Baths Wharf.

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Where are the fishing grounds?

The fishing grounds are located within approximately 3 kilometres outside Sydney heads, where a large reef system exists.  The locations are selected by the skipper based on extensive prior experience fishing the reefs, to give you the best chances for a successful day of fishing.  Note that we do not fish in Sydney Harbour itself – all our charters are offshore charters beyond the heads, for dedicated deep sea fishing.

 What to Bring?

Sunscreen, camera, snacks & drinks (all alcoholic drinks to be in cans or in wine casks – no bottles). 

We also encourage you to bring an esky/buckets to store the fish at the end of the trip, for easy carry-away.  In any case, we provide you with sealable bags to store your fish in at the end of the charter.

 Are lunch and refreshments included?

We can make lunch and refreshments available to you on the charter at an extra cost of $40 per head.  This includes a BBQ lunch, refreshments, juices, and tea and coffee.  Otherwise you are welcome to bring along your own food and drinks (including any alcohol that is in cans or in a wine cask – no bottles).

What happens in bad weather?

In cases of inclement weather (and in particular high winds), we will contact you on the afternoon before the charter to inform you of the likely weather condition and we will re-schedule the charter at no additional cost to you.  We closely monitor all relevant meteorological data on the day before the charter for this purpose.


If sudden and unexpected weather events occur whilst the charter is in motion which prevents the charter from proceeding, we are willing to re-arrange an alternative date at no additional cost.


Please note: Rain alone is not sufficient to defer a charter, as safe fishing can be experienced in rain particularly given the canopy protection on the vessel.  In contrast, rain and heavy winds (or heavy winds alone) are certainly sufficient to defer a charter.

What happens after you catch a fish?

After you catch a fish, the crew can assist un-hook the fish safely.  For all legal catches, you are entitled to keep and take home your fish.  If requested, we can assist by cleaning and gutting the fish at the end of the charter, as well as providing clean bags for storage of your fish.


We encourage all customers to only keep what is intended for food, and most customers happily follow this principle.

Do you need a recreational fishing licence?

No, the boat’s fishing licence covers all customers.

Are toilet facilities available on board?

Yes, enclosed toilet facilities are on board the vessel.

Is disabled access available?

Yes.  Our vessel has a swinging gate to facilitate an easy entry/exit point for customers with a physical disability, for example those in a wheel chair. This has been successfully tested on multiple occasions.  As an example, the son of the skipper who owned the vessel requires a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis, and has safely boarded the vessel many a time and enjoyed the day without a problem.  We are committed to assist in facilitating a safe trip for all.

What dates are available?

Our calendar is available HERE, from which you can check what dates are available.

Is a deposit required?

Yes. A 25% deposit is required to be placed on all charters in order to secure your booking.  The exception are the special events such as New Years Eve, Boxing Day and Australia Day, in which cases full payment is required to secure the charter.